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Panner Butter Masala

Treat your taste buds with this delightfully spicy North-Indian delicacy perfectly cooked in onion shallots and tomatogravy.

Paneer Butter Masala - Mom's Menu

Rajma Chawal

A signature Punjabi delicacy prepared with perfectly cooked red kidney beans simmered in lip smacking gravy of tomatoes, onions and spices.

rajma chawal - moms menu

Pav Bhaji

Mumbai’s most loved and a mouthwatering snack prepared by creatinga perfect blend of mashed vegetables like potato, tomato, green peas and capsicum simmered in butter and spices.

pav bhaji - mom's menu

Dal Makhni

A scrumptious blend of whole black lentils simmered for hours in a rich and wholesome gravy prepared using clarified butter (desi ghee), tomatoes, onions, fresh cream and mild spices.

About Us

We Are Mom’s Menu and we love food โ€“ food that is tasty, healthy, natural and most importantly the food that makes us feel at home while we are traveling or living away from home and missing our favorite delicacies made by Mom. We are sure that you must have got the hint about how it all started. Yes, thanks to our frequent travels, long stay away from home, struggle to find home-like healthy food and similar complaints by our colleagues and friends, we came up with the idea of preparing ‘Mom’s Menu’ and addressing all such food-related concerns.

Gajar-ka-Halwa - Mom's Menu

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Right from breakfast to dinner and from your favorite snack to your loved dessert, our range of quick, convenient, healthy and hassle-free treats have got your back every time, everywhere.

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